Pillars, dolphins, mooring and bridge pillars

Meever Pipes is the supplier when it comes to pillars, dolphins, mooring and bridge pillars used as support structures for bridges and platforms. Meever Pipes is able to provide inhouse engineering services and able to make drawings fitting your project.


Meever Pipes has a wide range of micro piles in stock. They are available with a male thread and sleeve. You will also find that Meever Pipes is the right place for used and new micro piles.


Drill pipes with threaded joints are available in various diameters. The threaded joints are created on the most up-to-date lathes. These drill pipes are used in foundation work. Meever Pipes can also supply the drill heads for this use.


We can offer you steel cylindrical pipes and a wide range of steel precision pipes. As a specialist in thick-walled seamless pipes, Meever Pipes has a wide range of diameters and wall thicknesses in stock. We can match and cut almost any diameter to your desired length. Even short pieces are not a problem for us, and we always deliver within 24 hours. We can supply seamless pipes very quickly from stock according to the required specifications and certifications. These seamless pipes are used for machine/equipment manufacture, the petrochemical industry, shipbuilding, structural construction, high-pressure cylinders and the automotive industry.


We have a large variety of pipes in stock: 1st choice welded with CE certification, overproduction and PE pipes are available in various qualities and sizes. These pipes are used for piling, mooring posts, dolphins, piping, structural construction, fendering, combi walls, stamping systems and frameworks.