Pipes by Meever, whatever their grade or application, are provided with the appropriate certificates:
– Certificates based on chemical and mechanical analysis
– Certificates with 2.1 / Certificates with 3.1
– CE Certificates

According to standards:
– Welded EN10217-1+2+3 = for application under pressure
– Seamless EN10216-1+2+3+4 = for application under pressure
– Welded EN10219-1/2 = for construction application
– Seamless EN10210-1/2 = for construction application
– Welded/seamless EN10208-2 = For piping
– Welded EN10305-3 / Welded EN10305-5 = Precision pipes

The pipes are processed and/or produced in accordance with the latest standards and requirements:
– NEN-EN 1090-2+A1:2011 = EXC 1 + EXC 3 + EXC 2 + EXC 4
– NEN-EN-ISO 3834-2 / Incl. WPS, WPQ, PQR and NDO


Meever Pipes apply perfect coatings to the products with the desired thickness and colour. This coating is applied in accordance with the latest requirements and standards. Furthermore, the coating will be provided with the relevant certificates.


Meever Pipes is able to supply products in accordance with required specifications. Another of our strengths comes from the ‘one-stop shopping’ principle. We have the means to cut pipes to length and weld them to locks / needles for combi-walls.


You can obtain advice from Meever Pipes about your design without any obligation, and we will be pleased to assist you where necessary. Our strength lies in our ability to come up with a total solution for pipes in combination with sheet piling and anchoring.